Friday, September 14, 2012

Mono Lake, California

RT:  How did your Latest Adventure to Mono Lake come about?

BD:  I had heard so much about the Mammoth area that I had to go.

RT:  And you picked up a passenger on the way?

BD:  I was talking to Evelyn on the phone, (Evelyn Bernstein), and told her I wanted to shoot up there and asked if she wanted to go along.  And she did.  So we went!

RT:  What was it like shooting with a friend and fellow photographer?

BD:  We had a great time!  We were like two little, school girls.

RT:  Isn't that how you met - in school?

BD:  Yes.  We were both in a Photoshop class at Santa Monica College.  We became instant friends.

RT:  Did you ever shoot together?

BD:  Never.  This was the first time.

RT:  Will we see more work from the two of you gallivanting around with your cameras?

BD:  Yes!  We're already talking about where we might go mid fall.

RT:  Any memorable moments?

BD:  We stopped at a wonderful bakery.  I tried so many samples.  Evelyn found a few delicious treats.

RT:  (laughs)  Tell me about those couple of rock shots on your Field Notes page.

BD:  We stopped off at Red Rock for a couple of shots but couldn't stay long because it was such a short trip.

RT:  Were you going up to shoot Mono Lake specifically?

BD:  No.  We were going to shoot Mammoth Lake but then everyone we ran into said we just had to go to Mono Lake.

RT:  Your sunset shots at Mono Lake are just magical!  Was your goal to shoot there at sunset?

BD:  No.  Evelyn and I got up around 4 in the morning to shoot sunrise but we got lost on the way and missed the light.  That's how we ended up visiting the ghost town up there.  (Bodie State Historic Park)  We needed something to do while waiting for sundown.  Evelyn got some great shots at Bodie.  I forgot my tripod and had to walk back to my car to get it.  It was a long way.  By the time I got back to the town and found Evelyn, we had to leave.  We didn't have much time to shoot the lake before sundown.

RT:  It looks like the weather changed pretty quickly up there.

BD:  Yes.  It added a touch of Drama to my shots.  I love drama!