Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Check back soon to read an exclusive interview with Baroness Danuté when she recounts more of her harrowing encounters in the African bush and shares more images with us from her portfolio of captured moments that took her breathe away...

Death Valley, California U.S.A.

Painted Desert

RT:  So tell me a little bit about your latest adventure?
BD:  It was fantastic, of course!  
RT:  When did you leave?
BD:  We...
RT:  You mean, Evelyn Bernstein?
BD:  Yes, Evelyn.  We left very early on the thirty first, (October), on Halloween.
RT:  Why did you choose Death Valley?
BD:  Death Valley is below sea level.  It's like going back in time.  It's cowboy country.  It's hot one day - nice the next.  There's no water.  No satellite.  Signs are everywhere that you enter the area at your own risk.  If you get lost - that's it.
RT:  How many days were you there?
BD:  Just a few.
RT:  Where did you spend your first day?
BD:  Our first day we went to the sand dunes but we didn't get good pictures so we went back the next day. On our way back, the sun was going down.  It was a fabulous sunset.  The moment took my breath away so I stopped the car and told Evelyn to grab her camera.
RT:  I love your images and so do others!  I see that they're trending well on 500px.
BD:  Yes!  "Shadows of Golden Sun," "Painted Desert," and, "Flying Horse" are doing well.
RT:  Why such a short trip to Death Valley?
BD:  I have to get back to pack for Paris.  I'll be back to the States in February.
RT:  Are you planning on any location shoots while you're on holiday?
BD:  Yes!  I always have my camera with me.  Not on the first day.  I arrive in Paris on Thursday and I'll shower and then go dance - that's what I always do!